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Third-Party Services Property Management

Leasing & Merchandising

Strategic leasing and accretive merchandising is the value creation engine of our business. Working closely with our services teams, our leasing experts develop and execute deals that meet the short and long term business objectives of the property.

Third-Party Services Development & Construction

Marketing & Innovation

Through engaging event planning and the creative use of social media, mobile marketing, advertising, public relations and innovative digital strategies, we cultivate vibrant retail destinations with individually tailored marketing solutions.

Third-Party Services Financial Reporting & Accounting


Receiverships and special servicing-assets that are troubled due to different circumstances require a receiver that possesses the skills and team necessary for immediate value preservation. Our experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of the asset’s place in the market and take decisive action to secure the most favorable short and long term solutions. On complex assets, we engage on multiple fronts to guarantee success.

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