Steven Levin
Steven Levin Founder and Chief Executive Officer view bio
Whitney Livingston
Whitney Livingston Chief Operating Officer view bio
Oliver Robinson
Oliver Robinson EVP, Development & Construction view bio
George Schmidt
George Schmidt Chief Legal Counsel view bio
Shelle Sills
Shelle Sills EVP, Experience & Engagement
Carl Tash
Carl Tash Chief Investment Officer view bio
Steven Weiss
Steven Weiss Sr. EVP, Real Estate view bio

Senior Leadership

Colleen Heydon
Colleen Heydon SVP, Marketing
Bil Ingraham
Bil Ingraham SVP, Business Development
Julie Jones
Julie Jones SVP, National Operations
Kristi Reavis
Kristi Reavis Chief Accounting Officer
Charles Taylor
Charles "Chuck" Taylor SVP, Client Services
Mark Thorsen
Mark Thorsen Sr. EVP, Management Services
Stephen White
Stephen White SVP, Asset Management & Operations

The Team

Kristin Baisch
Kristin Baisch Director, National Marketing contact
Ph: 972.888.8027
Nicholas Bendorf
Nicholas Bendorf VP, Investments & Development contact
Ph: 972.210.3536
Alexa Brackens
Alexa Brackens Sr. Property Accountant contact
Ph: 972.210.3549
Kevin Connell
Kevin Connell SVP, Development & Construction contact
Ph: 972.210.3555
Matt Eckart
Matt Eckart Development Analyst contact
Ph: 972.210.3566
Sheri Fevold
Sheri Fevold Sr. Property Accountant contact

Loren Ford
Loren Ford Accounts Receivable Representative contact
Ph: 972.210.3561
Patricia Gongora
Patricia Garza Gongora Sr. Property Accountant contact
Ph: 972.210.3546
Earl Harris
Earl K. Harris SVP, National Leasing, Anchors & Pads contact
Ph: 972.210.3520
Riley Kidd
Riley Kidd Sr. Property Accountant contact

Austen Klauser
Austen Klauser Sr. Associate, Development contact
Ph: 972.210.3537
Kristie Klescewski
Kristie Klescewski Executive Assistant & Office Manager contact
Ph: 972.210.3552
Wanda Langford
Wanda Langford Manager, Accounts Receivable contact
Ph: 972.888.8056
Todd Levin
Todd Levin Manager, Experiential Entertainment contact

Latasha McNeil
Latasha McNeil Sr. Manager, Property Accounting contact
Ph: 972.210.3563
Jon Meshel
Jon Meshel SVP, Development contact
Ph: 972.210.3585
Chris Molho
Chris Molho VP, National Leasing contact
Ph: 972.210.3525
Sonja Newsome-Lewis
Sonja Newsome-Lewis Sr. Accounts Payable Analyst contact
Ph: 972.210.3541
Sarah Owen
Sarah Owen Manager, National Leasing contact
Ph: 972.210.3526
Tanisha Rogers
Tanisha Rogers VP, Accounting contact
Ph: 972.210.3565
Glenn Rosen
Glenn Rosen SVP, National Leasing contact
Ph: 714.559.6534
Ginte Sabaliauskaite
Ginte Sabaliauskaite VP, National Leasing contact
Ph: 847.549.2535
Shaquania Sanders
Shaquania "Shaq" Sanders Director, Property Accounting contact
Ph: 972.888.8014
Katelyn Semler
Katelyn Semler Legal Assistant contact
Ph: 972.210.3544
Barry Smith
Barry Smith Sr. Asset Manager contact
Ph: 972.210.3545
Katy Spicer
Katy Spicer Chief of Staff contact
Ph: 972.888.8099
Andrew Stephens
Andrew Stephens Director, Asset Planning & Investments contact
Ph: 469.965.3700
Arien Thornbrue
Arien Thornbrue Sr. Lease Analyst contact
Ph: 972.210.3564
Myra Venturoso
Myra Venturoso Sr. Property Accountant contact
Ph: 972.210.3543
Sam Whitebread
Sam Whitebread VP Tenant Coordination & Construction contact
Ph: 630.870.4623
Heather Wyman
Heather Wyman Corporate Controller contact
Ph: 972.210.3569