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Fantasy Football Update

The 2019 Centennial Fantasy Football Season is now 3 weeks underway.

John Meshel and Sam Whitebread are leading the league with a perfect 3-0 record. Team Meshel will look to win against Team Merritt while Team Whitebread will try not to get “toasted” by Jeff King-of-the-North Rutzen.

There are 7 teams tied for third sitting at 2-1. Stay tuned!

T-1 Team Meshel (Jon Meshel)

T-1 Team Whitebread (Sam Whitebread)

T-3 Team Bendorf (Nicholas Bendorf)

T-3 HOU Luv Ya Blue (Chris Molho)

T-3 Team Eckart (Matt Eckart)

T-3 Team Livingston (Whitney Livingston)

T-3 Team Weiss (Steven Weiss)

T-3 Team White (Steve White)

T-3 Massive Head Trauma (Oliver Robinson)

Questions? Contact Austen Klauser.