hands together

Centennial is deepening its roots in the regional shopping center industry at a pivotal time where the opportunity is as great as the imagination. We are bringing retail to life by creating experiences you would never expect but always remember. Our mission is to start something new, and how we execute our plans is driven by The Centennial Way, our core set of values. It’s how we approach every decision, interaction and challenge we face.


It’s knowing the difference between right and wrong and consistently acting accordingly. You can’t have integrity sometimes.


Respect is treating others according to the belief that everyone has dignity and value. It’s cooperation and a celebration of diversity.


Going above and beyond to produce work that is accurate, complete and insightful is what excellence means to us. It’s not just about getting a task done, producing excellence is something of which to be proud.


Passion is enjoying what you do and the belief that your contributions are meaningful to the team. We feel strongly about the positive impact our contributions make to our properties and communities.


Our ideas are what will set us apart from our peers. At Centennial, we are choosing to value ideas that are new and inventive. We aren’t afraid to experiment and we thrive on discovery.