Centennial has a successful 20-year track record of targeting value-oriented investments in which creative problem solving and superior operational execution lead to increased returns at lower levels of relative risk. While our culture is entrepreneurial, our approach to investing is disciplined and institutional.

Our extensive market knowledge and industry experience combined with a fully integrated platform of in-house management, leasing, and development allow us to transform assets into destinations, optimize sales productivity and maximize cash flows. Since our inception, our focused approach and superior insights have allowed us to be a trusted partner of premier institutional investment firms.

Value Creation Strategy

Inventive Retail
Sign key experiential tenants for our core demographics
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Holistic Approach
Examine the site, not just the center
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Disciplined selection of assets, detailed underwriting, close at preferred pricing
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Infinity Loop Infinity Loop
Modern Management
Apply modern management techniques and sustainability initiatives
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Drive sales by enhancing marketing strategies and improving customer amenities
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Maintain relevancy by strategically investing capital in development and digital transformation
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Bringing retail to life defines our development mindset at Centennial. When our development team examines the transformation of space at our centers, the possibilities are endless. We look at our site as a whole, considering the entire community. It’s not about what has been done before, but what is optimal for the future. From parks to promenades, office to residential, and experiential uses that reach a new level of sophistication, we’re well capitalized to realize the full potential of a property. With a special eye on innovation and sustainability, we boldly forge into the future of retail one project at a time.

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Centennial continues to operate in a growth stage and is actively seeking opportunities for external expansion. As we add to our portfolio, we maintain a focused acquisition profile specializing in quality regional destinations with irreplaceable positioning in strong markets, like those assets in our existing collection. We welcome many different types of opportunities and look forward to discussing your vision.

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