Specialty Leasing Partnerships

Specialty Leasing Stores


You specialize in bringing a unique experience to customers. Centennial will help you create a winning environment. Whether it’s bowling, movies, skydiving or indoor surfing, they all have one thing in common; creating a shared, memorable experience. Let Centennial be a gateway to new markets with your experiential concept.

Specialty Leasing Restaurants


We know small footprint eateries can make a big impact on customer taste buds. Our portfolio welcomes creative and specialty food uses with flexible small space options to fit your bite- sized business layouts.

Specialty Leasing Fitness


Although not a traditional offering at regional shopping centers, Centennial looks at these partnerships from a modern perspective. Tomorrow’s consumers are looking for convenience and we offer the parking, easy access, and a variety of cross-shopping opportunities ideal for these shoppers. Together, we can create a one-stop-shop they’ll come back for again, and again.

Specialty Leasing Co-Working

Public Use

>Public uses are vital to our communities, and we want our properties to be the hub of each and every one. Centennial shopping centers are centrally located off major thoroughfares in each of their markets, providing some of the most accessible real estate available. Where better for a library, police station or school extension? We are happy to work with our municipal partners to make our neighborhoods better for all community members.

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