Centennial Taps 30-Year Industry Exec to Lead New Third-Party Services Division

Real Estate Investment Firm Hires Chuck Taylor to Launch and Oversee Advisory Services Platform 

DALLAS – May 21, 2020 – Centennial, a real estate investment firm with a national portfolio of shopping, dining, entertainment and mixed-use destinations, announced today it has launched a Third-Party Services Division to deliver property and asset management, leasing and marketing services on behalf of shopping center owners and investors nationwide. To head the new practice, an extension of Centennial’s growth initiative launched last year, Centennial has tapped seasoned retail real estate executive Chuck Taylor. With more than three decades of retail real estate and mixed-use expertise, Taylor assumed his new post as Senior Vice President of Client Services on May 11th. Prior to joining Centennial, Taylor spent 13 years with Madison Marquette, a leading real estate investor, developer and service provider, where he held various senior leadership positions in business development and leasing.

“With his depth of experience, Chuck will be a significant asset to Centennial as we continue our commitment to growth, and expand our established services platform to serve third-party shopping center owners,” says Whitney Livingston, Centennial’s Chief Operating Officer. “Over the past several years, we have been reimagining retail real estate, which was built for yesterday’s shoppers, to match the lifestyle of tomorrow’s consumers. The robust services platform we have built, including an in-house development and construction, property management, marketing and leasing team, positions us perfectly to help owners through this complex recovery period while also planning for future value creation. Chuck’s background and Centennial’s platform and extensive experience in asset management and transformation are a perfect match for third-party owners who need this expertise, particularly now as they recover from setbacks caused by COVID-19.”

COVID-19 has created an artificially expedited version of Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” theory; only those with an experienced team, a stable multi-channel platform, and the capability to innovate swiftly and effectively will survive. To thrive, however, retailers and shopping centers must have the vision to deliver what consumers really want – and that is the charter for every asset Centennial serves. From strategic merchandising plans to an experience blueprint, innovative experiential marketing and customized placemaking solutions, Centennial has a unique vision for the future of retail real estate that has led to the successful repositioning and redevelopment of underperforming real estate in key markets from coast to coast, an area of expertise that will greatly benefit third-party clients. The company’s new division will be propelled by Centennial’s fully integrated management services platform. And because Centennial is a retail real estate owner itself, its third-party clients will reap the benefits of having a service partner who can think, plan and make both short- and long-term decisions on their behalf like only an owner can. 

“I am incredibly honored that Centennial has chosen me to lead this new initiative, and to be part of the Centennial team, one of the most innovative and creative in the business,” Taylor says. “Now that COVID-19 has propelled a renaissance of sorts for the retail world, the time is absolutely right for Centennial to launch this new division. Shopping centers that are willing and able to deliver the kind of experience customers crave as they re-open for business post-COVID-19 will be the winners in tomorrow’s retail world … and we’re here to help them do just that.”

About Centennial
Centennial is a national owner of major shopping, dining, entertainment and mixed-use destinations. Rooted in retail since 1997, the company is focused on shaping the evolution of American retail by creating a superior multi-faceted shopping experience. Centennial properties serve not only as a place of commerce, but a place of community. For more information, visit CentennialREC.com.

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