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Photo Scavenger Hunt Winner

Over the summer, the Centennial Way committee invited each property and the corporate team to compete against each other in a Photo Scavenger Hunt.

The entries were scored by Kelly Frantz at Connecticut Post and Bree Sanchez at Vancouver and may be viewed here.

Winner: MainPlace Mall with 305 points 
(Check out their clown car video in response to “fit as many people as you can into a 5 seater vehicle.”)

2nd Place: Hawthorn Mall with 265 points 

3rd Place: Vancouver Mall with 260 points

Honorable Mention: Oliver Robinson for his bag-piping skills (see video).

Every location submitted photographic and video evidence of their activities for a chance to win a $100 gift card to put toward a team lunch. Items in the hunt included:

  1. Something your grandma would NOT enjoy getting for Christmas or Hanukkah
  2. The team posing in a store display
  3. Shaking hands with a bearded man
  4. Asking 4 strangers to spell out YMCA with their bodies